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EC-3 Installation Instructions


  • (8) Outputs Relays NO (48 VAC MAX) – Expandable with IO expansion board
  • (21) Configurable IO ports with IO expansion board
  • Multi-Zone Capable: control 1-2 environments

Standard Controls

  • Unlimited 24-Hour Timers (sec, minutes, hours)
  • Unlimited Schedules
  • Unlimited Sensor Triggers for Temperature, Humidity, VPD, CO2 and Light
  • Vent/Shade/Curtain Controls – requires seperate motor controller

Step 1: Mounting the controller

Your controller can be mounted to any wall using the mounting hardware included. The controller must be mounted upright on a vertical wall or inside an electrical enclosure. Growlink recommends enclosing the controller in a NEMA 4 type water-proof enclosure. All line voltage electrical equipment and components should be CSA or UL approved.

The power source for the control system should be on a dedicated circuit that does not share power with other equipment loads. Power Controller board with 8-28 VDC Power Adapter (included).

Step 2: Mounting the sensor module

Locate the environment sensor(s) in a clean and dry location where it will sample non-stagnant air. If you are utilizing the light sensor for sun sensing, ensure the light sensor has a clear path to the sun or light source. The Environment sensor is designed to be suspended with the light sensor facing up and hanging at canopy level. The environment sensor can also be mounted to a wall with the wall-mounting hardware.  Run power to the environment sensor with the included power extension cord and adapter.

Step 1: Wiring on/off switches

The EC-3 includes 8 relays for up to 48 VAC controls system for on/off control of HVAC signals, relay and contactor coils and small loads. When 24Vdc is supplied to the relay coil terminals, the normally open load relays will close the contact set for the specific relay.