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Editing a Nutrient Recipe (Video)

In this video, I am going to show you how to edit a nutrient recipe. This feature is only available if you have Growlink Pro, a flow meter and are injecting nutrients inline. To edit an existing recipe go to settingsDosing Recipes and click on the recipe you want to edit. In this video, we are going to edit the sample recipe.  From here click on devices. You can see this recipe already has Flora micro, flora gro and Flora Bloom.   For this tutorial, we are going to add Cal Mag and Mammoth P.  First click on Cal Mag and enter the ml per gallon.  I am going to enter 3. Now click on Mammoth P and enter the ml/gal. I am going to enter 1.5.  Now click on devices and save your program.



Editing a Nutrient Recipe