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How to add a three-channel Power Link (HVAC)

In this article, you will learn how to successfully install a register and configure a 3 channel Powerlink for HVAC system

If you don't have the Growlink app please download it from your device app store  


mention wire diagram 

Must send 24-volt power  to all ports except  fan, cooling, and heat 



registration via the app 

scan bar code to register HVAC 



set up sensor trigger 

how to set up the heat and cool  fan 


To connect the three-channel HVAC simply plug it in. 

From the App, select Settings in the upper-right corner, then “Configure Modules,” then “Add Module.” The next screen will list all new, unregistered modules detected. If your Three Channel HVAC  does not show up here, it may be out of range. (Or it is already assigned to another Controller and must be removed from the other Controller before it can be added to another one.) Simply select the Power Link(s) you want then “Register Modules” and they will be added to your Controller.