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Locked out of Account

When a user logs into the Growlink Mobile App or Web Portal, the user inputs their email address and associated password setup for their account.

If one inputs the incorrect password too many times (10 attempts within an hour timespan), the user will then be locked out due to incorrect password attempts for 1 hour, at which point the account will be unlocked automatically. There will also be a specific error that populates when one is locked out of their account, stating that ‘The account requested has been locked due to too many failed logins’.

This is similar to how phones lockout users from inputting a password again until a specific amount of time elapses. This exists to prevent an unauthorized user from brute-forcing your password over time.

Our Support Team can unlock users on our back-end before the 1 hour automatic unlock elapses, so if one needs to have their username unlocked quickly one can reach out to Support@Growlink.com for our Support Team to check that your user is locked and unlock them if needed.