Wifi Set Up for Android

This article is about setting up wifi on android for your controllers

Wifi Set Up for Android

Device must be in listening mode... to  place the controller into listening mode press and hold the bottom button and wait till  LED flashes blue 


  1. Open the app and select the gearwheel on the upper right-hand to corner access Settings



2. from the settings menu select "Connect to Controller 

connecting to a controller

3.  connect to the wifi network that  matches your SSID for the controller's encloser Matching Wifi settings 2 android Matching Wifi Settings 3

4. connect to  wifi from the list of wifi networks on your device 

connect to a controller

5. once you are connected you will see the screen below, which will confirm you are now connected to your controller.


Android Set Up complete  Press NEXT.


6. Select your wifi network from the list of networks

List of Wifi Networks Android


After you've connected your wifi the LEDs on your controller will flash, when it is connected it will breathe green.


7. Set up complete