Blueprints Knowledge Guide

Blueprints allow you to automate your environmental conditions within the Growlink System.

Hardware Compatibility: 

With the current state of Blueprints, only Environmental panels and Connect Controllers can currently utilize Blueprints, as Blueprints currently can only control environmental setpoints. Controllers like Precision Irrigation Controllers (PIC's) cannot control environments, and thus cannot use Blueprints in its current state.

Blueprints Overview

  • Each blueprint can be used to model the changes in your environmental conditions across a full crop cycle.
  • With Blueprints, you can quickly model your crop cycle by adding setpoints, then attach the blueprint to a room and track every active run in your facility.
    • Set everything up in less than 5 minutes, and let Growlink handle the rest.

Creating a Blueprint

  • To create a new Blueprint, navigate to the "Runs" Page, and then navigate to the "Blueprints" tab
  • Click "Create New Blueprint"
  • Give the Blueprint a name
    • This can be related to the strain, cultivar, or growing style - it's up to you!
  • Then create setpoints for each stage where you want your environmental variables to change
    • You can create as many setpoints as you like to match your facility's workflow
    • For example, you can create one for the immature phase, for veg, flower, or anytime in between

Creating a Run

  • To utilize the Blueprint you just created inside of a room, let's create a new Run.
  • A Run represents an active instance of a Blueprint applied to a Room
  • To create a Run:
    • First choose the room you want to apply your Blueprint
    • Then Click on "Active Run" in the Upper Nav Menu
    • If there is an Active Run, you will see the name of the Run and the details
    • If this is your first time or there is no Active Run in place, then a form will appear to help you create a new Run
    • Give the Run a Name
    • Set a Start Date (can be today or in the future)
    • Then Select the Blueprint you wish to use in this Run

That's it! Now you have everything you need to create a Blueprint and apply it to a Room by creating a Run. You can track all your active and archived runs in the Runs page.