Common Wireless Module LED Color Codes

LED Colors (Explained)

During initial setup of a device these are the usual LED specifications:

  • White pulse: Start-up (happens when the Growlink is first powered on or when it’s reset)
  • Flashing blue: Listening Mode, waiting for Wi-Fi credentials
  • Flashing green: Connecting to Wi-Fi network
  • Flashing cyan: Connecting to Growlink Device Cloud. Connected to the network, but not necessarily the internet yet.
  • High-speed flashing cyan: Growlink Device Cloud handshake
  • Breathing cyan: Connected to Growlink Device Cloud
  • Flashing magenta: Receiving new firmware update over-the-air (OTA)
  • Breathing magenta Safe mode, connected to Particle Device Cloud but user firmware not running

Error Codes

Hopefully, you never see these colors but here are the error LED color codes:

  • Flash red twice: Connection failure, no internet connection (technically, can’t reach Google)
  • Flash red three times: Connection failure, Cloud is unreachable
  • Orange flashing: Connection failure, bad handshake

Factory Reset & Bootloader

  • Solid white: Factory reset started
  • High-speed flashing white: Flashing code from factory reset memory
  • Flashing yellow: Bootloader mode, waiting for code over USB or JTAG