Portal 2.0 - Changing Acclima Substrate Equation/Substrate Type

The video below goes over how to change the substrate equation/ substrate type being used for your Acclima probes on a Precision Irrigation Controller (PIC) within Portal 2.0. This video and others can be found at our Growlink University webpage.



Audio Transcript:

Hey, this is Josh with Growlink, and in today's walkthrough we'll be going over how to change the substrate equation on your Precision Irrigation Controller (PIC) if you're using a Acclima probe. You'll start by logging into Portal 2.0, which will load your account dashboard for all the controllers registered to the account.  


However, in this walkthrough we’re going to click the settings tab, as we have an example controller here that is a PIC. Once you've pulled up the settings tab, you'll go to the specific controller whose Acclima substrate equation we’d like to update. In this case, we're going to go to the example controller, and select the precision irrigation controller in the subsequent drop down.  


We are going select icon of three dots on the right hand side of the webpage and hit edit. And then in the pop-up window that shows up, you can not only rename the controller, but you can also select the Acclima substrate equation being used on the PIC.  


If you are using a Acclima probe, the default equation that the PIC uses is the 'Rockwool' equation, and there is a separate equation called the 'All Other Soilless' equation that's more appropriate for non-uniform substrates such as Coco coir.  


If you want to change the substrate equation to the 'All Other Soilless' substrate equation with your Acclima probes, you would select that substrate type, hit save changes, then update the controller with that change. Keep in mind that these two equations are only utilized with Acclima probes and other substrate probes such the TEROS or Terralink probes utilize a universal equation, and changing those substrate types will not affect their readings.  


This concludes how you would update your PIC to use a different substrate equation with Acclima probes within Portal 2.0.