Portal 2.0 - Creating an Environmental Sensor Aggregate

An Environmental Sensor Aggregate is an average of multiple environmental sensors, and can be useful when controlling a large room with an array of sensors. Environmental Sensor Aggregates can be made within Portal 2.0 by using the ‘Add Module’ function within the settings tab for the environmental control panel that the environmental sensor is registered to. Keep in mind that environmental sensors that are different product types (such as the ESM-1, ESM-2, and ESM-3) cannot be aggregated together.


The steps below go over how to create an environmental sensor aggregate on an environment controller within Portal 2.0:


1)  Login to Portal 2.0 and click the Settings Tab on the left-hand side of the UI. 

2)  Select the controller in the following webpage that you would like to create an environmental sensor aggregate for. 

3)  Click the ‘Add Modules’ button at the top of the selected controller.


4)  Click the ‘Create Aggregate’ button in the pop-up window that populates .


5)  Select one of your environment sensor module as the module to aggregate data from.


6)  Choose a name for the Sensor aggregate made and use the Source Modules drop-down in the pop-up window to assign the desired environmental sensors to the aggregate made.


7)  Once the aggregate has been renamed and the appropriate sensors have been assigned to the aggregate, click ‘Save Changes’ to save the aggregate made.


8)  Click the ‘Update Controller’ button for the controller to push the newly made aggregate to the controller’s configuration.


9)  Within the next 5-10 minutes, one should be able to start seeing the average sensor data from the newly made aggregate populate onto the dashboard for this controller.


One can rename the default sensor names of the aggregate from ‘Room Temp, Room Humidity, Room VPD, and Room CO2’ to a custom name to make the average sensor readings easier to identify and assign to rules by clicking the aggregate made within the Settings Tab, which will display the sensor names for that aggregate. Update the Name field with the desired name(s) for the sensor readings: