Portal 2.0 - Managing a User

This video goes over how to manage an existing user within Portal 2.0. This video and others can be found at our Growlink University webpage.



Audio Transcript:

Hey, this is Josh with Growlink and in this walkthrough we'll be going over how to manage an existing user. If we click the icon up in the top right and then click Manage Users, we'll get a list of users that are currently applied to the account.  


In this case, we're going to click the specific user we want to edit and it's going to pull up the available options that we can edit for this user. In this case, we can edit the first and last name of the person, the company they're with, the organization they're assigned to, their role, their phone number, and their permissions in their ability to receive offline notifications in managing users and subscriptions.  


You can also delete the user. So if the user is no longer assigned to this account, you can delete them and they'll no longer have the ability to access your devices or look at your data. You don't have the ability to change the password with the account that's done to an automated password reset function at the login page of both the web portal and the mobile app. This concludes how to manage an existing user within Portal 2.0.