Portal 2.0 - Preferences Tab

The video below goes over the Preferences Tab within Portal 2.0. This video and others can be found at our Growlink University webpage.



Audio Transcript:

Hey, this is Josh with Growlink, and in today's walkthrough we'll be going over the Preferences tab within Portal 2.0. You'll start by logging into Portal 2.0, or you'll start at the Room's dashboard, where it'll list off every controller that you have registered to your account.


If you navigate to the top right of the dashboard, there is a user icon of a person in a little circle. If you click that, it'll bring up a little drop-down menu that will show your alert inbox, your preferences, your ability to manage users and subscriptions if you have that toggle, how you can reach our support team, and logging out.


For this tutorial, we will click the Preferences tab in this drop-down menu. Here in the Preferences tab, you can choose the temperature metric that you would prefer to have temperature displayed as, either Fahrenheit (F) or Celsius (C), your preference for VPD, being either kilopascal (kPa) or millibars (mbar), your TDS preference being Hanna PPM at a 500 PPM scale or EC, your time format being 12 hour or 24 hour, and your light level preference. 


Depending on the wattage of your lights, you can choose any light level preference that suits your needs, as these are all just general equations that correlate lux values to different PPFD values.


This concludes how one accesses the Preferences Tab within Portal 2.0.