Portal 2.0 - Registering an Agrowtek GCX to your Growlink Account

In order to register an Agrowtek GCX to your Growlink Account, Go to the Settings tab when logged into Portal 2.0.


Next, click the ‘Add Hardware’ button at the top right of the webpage:


In the pop-up wizard that follows, select the ‘Partner Controller’ option, followed by selecting the ‘Continue to Setup’ button:


Next, Select ‘Add new Agrowtek GCX to my account’:


The following pop-up will display an Authentication code to pair your Agrowtek GCX to your Growlink Account. The authentication code shown below is an example of what will be populated in the subsequent window:


By going to the GCX Settings Panel, selecting the Network Tab, then clicking the ‘Registration’ button in the Cloud connection section, one can input the Authentication code displayed in the Growlink Web Portal:


With the connection authenticated, the Cloud Connection screen will now display that there is a current connection between the Agrowtek GCX and Growlink’s Cloud.


Once connected, the Web portal will populate a window with all of the rooms, modules, and devices connected to the GCX, and the user can select which modules that they want to pull into the Growlink Platform.


Devices, sensors, or modules that the user does not want to have migrated over can be removed from the selection by clicking the ‘Exclude’ button. Excluded modules can be re-included by clicking the Include button under the Excluded devices tab:



Hit the Continue button to register the Rooms, Sensors, and modules that have not been selected to be excluded to your Growlink Account:


Congratulations! You can now see sensor data from sensors connected to the GCX and control outputs that are connected to the GCX through the Growlink Platform. By going to the rooms tab in Portal 2.0 and selecting a room, you can view the connected sensors and devices.