Portal 2.0 - Updating Device Name and Device Type

The video below goes over how one can change the device type of an output on a controller within Portal 2.0.  This video and others can be found at our Growlink University webpage.



Audio Transcript:

Hey, this is Josh with Growlink, and in today's walkthrough we’ll be going over how to update the device types for your controller within Growlink Portal 2 .0. Here you can see I'm already logged into Portal 2 .0. If you click the settings tab on the sidebar here, you'll get a dropdown of all the controllers that you have registered to your account.  


In this example, we only have one controller. If you select this example controller, you'll see that there is the actual controller, a environment module that is set up as a module underneath. If you select the precision irrigation controller, it will show all of the sensors and devices that are attached to this controller. If you wanted to update the name of a sensor or the name of a device on the controller, you can click the name field and input a new name for the sensor or device, which can help identify the specific input or output when calling it within rules. You can use the same series of steps to updated any sensor or device across our platform, ranging from PIC's to Environmental Panels and Fertigation Skids, as all of that data is held per control panel in the Settings Tab of Portal 2.0.


If you wanted to change the device type of one of your outputs, all you have to do is go to the device type dropdown for this controller and change it from its current device type, which is Valve, to say, not in use, if you're not using it at all, to none, if nothing's hooked up to it, or if you have a batch tank, reservoir pump, etc., you could change that device type to the designated device type you would like, but this is how you would update those pieces.


In this example, I'm going to set it to not in use because this valve isn't being used for anything, and then once we change it to not in use, we can go back and update the controller with that change setting.  


This concludes how one updates the device type of an output in Portal 2.0.