Quick Start Guide Hanging an ESM1

Package Contents 

The contents may vary based on your configuration. 

1 x Growlink Environment Module 

1 x Power Adapter 

1 x Power Extension Cable 

1 x Mounting Hardware Kit 


Before You Begin 

In order to connect this environment module to a controller, the controller must already be installed, powered on and connected to WiFi. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for your controller and follow the steps to do this if it hasn’t already been done.  

Step 1 - Installation 

The Growlink Environment Sensor Module communicates with the controller via a proprietary radio frequency. To ensure proper communication with the controller, place this module in the grow environment no more than 500 ft from the controller. Make sure there are no metal walls or objects between the module and controller. This may result in poor, intermittent or no sensor readings. Wood, drywall, concrete, etc. do not affect data transmission and are perfectly fine for normal operation.  

This sensor module has integrated temperature, humidity, CO2 and light sensors. The ideal location for it is in the middle of your room, underneath any grow lights at a height close to the top of your plant canopy. If you’re growing in a large facility, you may want to add additional Environment Sensor Modules to your system. See hanging options on reverse side.  

Step 2 - Configuration 

Select the controller you wish to add the sensor module to. Tap the settings icon > select “Configure Modules” > tap the “+” icon in the top right > select the sensor module(s) with the serial number matching the one printed on the module and select “Register Module(s)”.  

Once the module has been registered you may rename it whatever is desired.  

The “Aggregate To” feature is useful if more than one sensor module is deployed in a growing zone and you wish to either monitor or operate rules based off average data. Select the box > tap “+” > create an average sensor > add the sensor to the average. Then add extra sensors to the same average sensor you’ve created.  

If you do not wish to see the data displayed on your dashboard turn on “Hide this module on the dashboard” 

We recommend enabling “Send an e-mail if module goes offline”. This will notify you if you’re sensor module goes down.  

Hanging Options: